Edey v Haarms v Haas

After last night Edey has played 18 conference games, the same as Haarms and Haas did their freshman years so I figured it would be a good time to make a post and see how the 7 footers have done compared to each other. (Left Hammons off because he played way more and came into a way different situation).

Below is their conference stats for their freshman years: (and if you open the image in a new tab it's way higher quality, not sure why it's blurry in the post.)


Couple things that stood out to me were 1) How crazy high Haas's usage was as a freshman and 2) that even with Edey's high usage he's able to have a higher ORtg than Haarms did shooting 67% from 2 as a role player on that stacked '18 team.

Edey's FT shooting is also way way better, but Haarms and Haas both shot 70%+ as Sophomores.

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