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Purdue Football: 3 Steps to Get the Purdue Offense Back on Track

The last two seasons have been up and down, how can the Boilers get back on track?

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like it has been two seasons since the offense was in their groove.

A freshman season Rondale Moore, a solid running game with D.J. Knox and Markell Jones.

It was 2018.

2019, while fun, left a lot to be desired, the same story goes for 2020 while subtracting the fun aspect.

So, what does this Purdue team need to do to get the train back on the tracks offensively? I think there is a couple easy solutions.

Step 1 - The defense has to be better so there is not so much pressure on the offense to score EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION. That is how it felt in 2020 under Bob Diaco. It was like we knew the other team was going to score in 3 minutes and the offense had to roll back out there.

Have a solid defense can keep the offense off the field for a few minutes as well as give the offensive players and coaches confidence, instead of the pressure they felt last season. It felt that way in 2020, at least.

Step 2 - Establish and maintain a run game. In 2018, between Jones and Knox we had just over 1300 yards rushing, this was respectable and showed a dedication to running the ball. In the past two seasons, granted one was shortened, we combined for just over 1200 yards rushing.

I think there a couple of things that go with that. One, we don’t have a back like Jones or Knox anymore, which is sad, since Brohm is a better recruiter than Hazell. Secondly, there is not a shown dedication to running the ball the past two seasons.

In 2021, I would like to see more of an effort to run the ball. Between Horvath, Doerue and Hewitt we should be able to establish SOMETHING. There should never be another game when we have negative yards rushing, this happened on a couple of occasions in 2020.

Step 3 - No more quarterback carousel. Select your guy and roll with him. The short leash has QBs on their toes. They need a longer leash for mistakes. I am sure we will see a mix of O’Connell and Plummer this season, but my small wish is for one to outplay the other so much that there is no discussion.

For me, Plummer seems to have the highest ceiling of the two but a lower floor. Aidan appears to be the more consistent of the two, but with lesser of the arm talent and mobility. I have a dream that one day we will know who the starting quarterback is before the season, one time in the Brohm Era. A for sure no brainer starter.. it has yet to happen.

I think if we can accomplish those three things we will see the offensive train get back on track this fall.