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The Time Is Now For The Versyp Era To End.

A 7 win season should be the nail in the coffin.

Purdue womens basketball coach, Sharon Versyp coaches... Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The time is now for Purdue to move on from Sharon Versyp. It has been entirely too long of a plateau and then decline in a once powerhouse program, which she has not been able to uphold in the last handful on seasons.

Now, this is not to say Versyp is a bad person by any stretch of the imagination, but you have to separate success and relationships in order to win Big Ten Championships and make runs in the NCAA Tournament. Both of which, Versyp has not done at Purdue in over a decade.

Fan dubbed “Second Round Sharon” is indeed Purdue’s winningest coach in program history, but the beginning of her tenure was a product of the handful of year’s prior to her arrival.

Carolyn Peck and Kristy Curry both found massive success before they took other coaching gigs. Versyp took over in 2006 as combined in 9 years they won a National Championship, played in another, went to the NCAA Tournament every year and made it to at least the Sweet 16 in 6 of those years as well.

Versyp inherited a very good team after Peck left for Texas Tech and went to the Elite 8 in two of her first three seasons in West Lafayette. Since that appearance in 2009, Purdue has not advanced into the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, declining year by year. Over the last three seasons, Versyp has had a record of only 44-45, and an even worse 20-34 record during conference play.

Things need to change, dramatically and quickly.

Many fans have called for Stephanie White to return to Purdue and take the reigns of the program, but I am not all that sold on White at this moment. She has struggled at Vanderbilt, yet to have a winning season during her 5 years there.

Another former Boilermaker, Katie Geralds deserves a serious look at the position in my opinion. She has won 2 National Championships at NAIA Mariano and is on a 6 year streak on winning her conference. Yes, NAIA is not the same as the Big Ten, but surround her with a couple of seasoned coaches and you’ve taken a huge step in turning around a laughable program at best.

Fans should expect news on the coaching situation in West Lafayette in the next week or so and possibly a list of names that Purdue wants to take over.