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VIDEO: Interview With Former Boiler & 11 Year NFL Veteran, Nick Hardwick!

Nick is one of the very best Boilermakers to come out of the program!

The story of Nick Hardwick suiting up for the Purdue Boilermakers after not playing football in high school OR his first two years on campus is truly inspirational. The former Purdue center joined me to talk about his journey to the NFL, his massive weight loss and more! Another big thank you to T-Mill for allowing me to share this with Purdue fans! Hope you guys enjoy!

You can view the interview using the link below and scroll down for an outline of our conversation!

During the interview, Nick and I discussed:

- How he has been able to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- His podcast “The Hardwick Life”.

- How the “Lose Like A Lineman” came to be and grown over the past year.

- His massive weight loss after retiring from the NFL.

- Going from not playing football in high school to playing in the NFL for over a decade.

- Trying out for the Purdue football team as a sophomore.

- Getting released for the Navy in order to play football at Purdue.

- Taking advantage of every opportunity he earned.

- Being inspired by Drew Brees to then becoming his center for the Chargers.

- What the transition from Drew Brees to Philip Rivers was like.

- His relationship with Philip Rivers over the last 17 years.

- Playing alongside Brees, Tomlinson, Antonio Gates and Rivers in San Diego.

- What he thought of Rivers going to the Colts.