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Purdue Volleyball: Boilers Spike Hoosiers, Again

A clean sweep!

Purdue vs Illinois in Mackey

I won’t act like I know a ton about Volleyball when reporting it, because I don’t.

But, I do know that sweeping your in state rival and winning 8 in a row against them is pretty darn good.

In a match where the Hoosiers never stood a chance, Purdue took care of them quickly and decisively.

Purdue is currently ranked 11th in the nation and boasts a 7-4 record - the Big Ten is full of ringers, apparently besides in Bloomington and it is always a tough conference to win matches in.

Purdue is now 71-34 all time against IU, in a rivalry in which they are trying to catch up to the Men's Basketball Lead in the “rivalry”.

Good news, though, Purdue hosts Indiana this Sunday and will look to extend the series to 9 straight games and further distance themselves from Indiana in the all time series.