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Purdue Wrestling: 17th Ranked Boilers Pin Hoosiers

It is always a good day to beat IU.

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Purdue Wrestling doesn’t get enough recognition.

But, in West Lafayette, Head Coach Tony Ersland is building a nationally ranked program, year in and year out, brick by brick.

Last night, the Boilers beat IU for the 11st straight time, just pure domination in what is supposed to be an in state rivalry.

Not only that, it was also the most lopsided scoring total in the history of the rivalry, with the Boilers winning 38 to 3.

Of the 10 matches last night, Purdue won 9 of them, leaving no doubt who is the superior in state Big Ten Wrestling Program.

My personal favorite match and Tweet of the night, is 5th year Senior Griffin Parriott with a pin, in which the Purdue Wrestling Social Media Team deemed “The Intro was longer than the match”.

Here is another gem, from Freshman, Gerrit Nijenhuis with a dominating performance, over a ranked Nick South from Indiana.

Here are the final results in a historic beat down of the Indiana Hoosiers.

Final Results No. 17 Purdue 38 - Indiana 3

125: No. 12 Devin Schroder (PUR) def. Jacob Moran (IU), MD 9-1

133: Jacob Rundell (PUR) def. Kyle Luigs (IU), D 11-5

141: No. 27 Parker Filius (PUR) def. Cayden Rooks (IU), MD 12-2

149: No. 11 Griffin Parriott (PUR) def. No. 15 Graham Rooks (IU), Fall 0:24

157: No. 7 Kendall Coleman (PUR) def. Jonathan Kervin (IU), MD 14-5

165: Gerrit Nijenhuis (PUR) def. No. 20 Nick South (IU), Fall 3:52

174: No. 6 Donnell Washington (IU) def. Emil Soehnlen (PUR), D 5-1

184: No. 13 Max Lyon (PUR) def. Santos Cantu III (IU), TF 17-2 (7:00)

197: No. 22 Thomas Penola (PUR) def. Nick Willham (IU), D 4-2

285: Jared Florell (PUR) def. Rudy Streck (IU), D 6-2