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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: 2021 Commits Update

How are the two top 50 players doing in the IHSAA?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - South Regional - Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The 2021 class will bring in two of the highest Matt Painter recruits of all time.

But, how are these two doing? Their regular season is winding down and their teams will start prepping for the IHSAA Basketball Tournament.

Trey Kauffman-Renn - Silver Creek High School, Sellersburg, Indiana - 4*

Stats: 27.3 Points Per Game, 13 Rebounds Per Game, 4 Assists Per Game, 1.5 Block Per Game

The 6-9 Kauffman-Renn does a little bit of everything for Silver Creek. Trey plays some point forward, guard and even center for them. The 32nd player in the nation is leaving little doubt that he will make an impact next season for our Boilermakers.

Trey is a guy that will be hard to not start type of kid. But, with the returning nucleus, he will have to be outstanding to move anyone from the starting lineup. But, if there was anyone to do it, Trey would be the one to do so.

Trey comes in as the 3rd highest Painter Commit EVER. The only two that are higher - Caleb Swanigan and E’Twuan Moore, both of those guys had pretty solid Purdue careers.

Caleb Furst - Fort Wayne Blackhawk, Fort Wayne, Indiana - 4*

Stats: 22 Points Per Game, 14 Rebounds Per Game, 3 Assists Per Game

Not far behind Kauffman-Renn is longstanding commit and forward/center Caleb Furst. Furst is also a 6-9ish forward, but appears that he will be under the basket a bit more when he gets to Purdue.

He can stretch it out a bit, but is still working on his long range jump shot. At 6-9, he isn’t the normal towering big man we are used too and maybe he ends up more of a power forward while Trey goes to Small Forward, but he is a skilled player around the rim and will be able to score under the basket when asked.

I don’t see Furst being a RS candidate next year either and he will have to get in the rotation in some capacity to help with rebounding and having another under the basket presence.