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Purdue Football: 5 Things to Look For During “Spring” Practice

Purdue Football is back this week!

Northwestern v Purdue Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The largest winter storm is hitting West Lafayette this week in almost a decade.

But, towards the end of this week, “Spring” practice is starting. The thought of warmer weather is on the horizon, but it is hard to grasp onto those thoughts when there is 10 inches of snow on the ground this week.

Our Boilermakers will start their work in the Mollenkopf Athletic Center this week, in hopes to making it outside at some point.

There are plenty of questions that will pop up over the course of the next few weeks and this year’s spring practices are closed to the public, but some media will be allowed.

Here are a few things I want to look for in the next couple of weeks with these early spring practices.

  1. Who are the initial starting 5 offensive linemen? Will Cam Craig be ready for spring ball after the season ending injury? Is Tyler Witt in the rotation right away after grad transferring here? Who will be at left tackle.
  2. Defense - what kind of early on scheme will we see from new Defensive Coordinator Brad Lambert? He is known to base his scheme off of personnel, what does he see us as? I personally see a 4-2-5 team on paper.
  3. Quarterback Battle. It is always a question early on, we haven’t had a starter locked in going into the spring since Coach Tiller.
  4. Kicking duties. J.D. Dellinger opted into not returning, during special teams periods, who will be the kicker? His younger brother is on roster and has a leg from what I saw on his high school tape.
  5. Slot Receiver. Jackson Anthrop has returned, but has youngster T.J. Sheffield or Marcellus Moore taken the torch at the slot from Rondale Moore?

I always get way too excited for Purdue Spring Football. But a solid spring often leads to a strong regular season. I am read to hear how these next few weeks will go.