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Purdue Football: Rondale Moore Takes a Giant Leap

I mean, he did!

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Yesterday, Rondale Moore tested his vertical jump.

It was 42 inches.

That would put him at 3rd from last years combine.

The former All-American is looking to be drafted in the 1st round. Most mock drafts have him being selected in the mid to late 1st round into the early 2nd round. If someone like, say the Kansas City Chiefs get this guy, it is a straight up steal of a pick.

Rondale will be a productive pro and is destined to play out of the slot. While there are question makers with his durability after a couple of injury riddled seasons, there is no doubt that the explosive slot will make an early impact for a good team.

I would rank Rondale 5th among wide receivers going pro this year.

  1. DeVonta Smith - Alabama
  2. Ja’Marr Chase - LSU
  3. Jaylen Waddle -Alabama
  4. Kadarius Toney - Florida
  5. Rondale Moore - Purdue

That puts Rondale in late Round 1, in my opinion. Which is great value for him as he has battled back from injuries and great value for a team that is already an established winning franchise. It adds an additional playmaker to any roster.