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Purdue vs. Maryland Set for 6:30 PM Tip

The game will be on BTN.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Purdue
Newman is playing so well he can even make the ball levitate.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

More updates to the schedule have come out! As you all know, this isn’t a regular season, it’s a cool season, so things are always on a knife’s edge awaiting changes. Games thus far this season have been moved forward, delayed, had their network change, and changed times. Tomorrow’s game against Maryland was tentatively set for 8:00 PM (maybe, it’s tough to say at this point) but will now tipoff at 6:30 PM according to the Boilerball twitter account. And, I mean, they would know wouldn’t they?

For me personally this is inconvenient as it falls right at the beginning of my son’s bedtime routine. I believe all Purdue basketball games should begin at 8:00 PM so that I can watch live and not have to rely on the DVR to catch up. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t revolve around my life choices so to the DVR I will go.

With this schedule update it leaves five additional games that are still TBA on the team’s schedule. These are the upcoming games against:

  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana

There’s also the matter of the previously postponed Nebraska game to deal with. If things go according to plan Nebraska is set to play Michigan State this Saturday for their first game back. Will the games they had to postpone be rescheduled? We just don’t know at this point but getting a second game against a team that is sitting at or near the bottom of the conference is always a good thing. Let’s hope they can get that done assuming it doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s health. For now though, we’ll see ya Tuesday at 6:30 PM on BTN.