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VIDEO: Interview Talking COVID-19 Recovery & Win Against Minnesota with Sasha Stefanovic!

Sasha gives an update on his COVID-19 positive test, his thoughts on Purdue’s win Saturday and more!

Fresh off Purdue’s big win against a ranked Minnesota Gophers team, Sasha Stefanovic was kind enough to join me to talk about the win, his recovery after testing positive for COVID-19 and his thoughts before the final stretch of the season! Sasha is feeling good and will be back next weekend if everything goes to plan. Hope you guys enjoy, Boiler Up!

You can watch the full interview using the link below and scroll down for an outline of the conversation.

During the interview, Sasha and I discussed:

- How he is feeling after testing positive for COVID-19

- Why he believes he got it somewhere on the road and how nobody else in Purdue’s program tested positive.

- The precautions the Purdue program has put into place and has had success for much of the year amidst COVID-19.

- What is has been like to watch the games and not be able to play.

- Giving advice to his teammates about what he sees watching the games.

- Purdue’s big win over #21 Minnesota after losing by double-digits to Michigan.

- Brandon Newman and Jaden Ivey having huge performances recently.

- How this team has evolved over the course of the season.

- What the differences have been between the start of the season to the last 5-6 game stretch.

- The freshmen gaining confidence as the season has progressed and they have been able to make more of an impact.

- The benefit of Matt Painter taking advantage of the redshirt at Purdue.

- How good this Purdue team can be both down the stretch this season and in future years.

- His recruiting experience and holding out until a scholarship became available at Purdue.

- Dunking on the Purdue legend, Evan Boudreaux and when he will put someone on a poster in a game.

- Looking back on experiences going to the Elite 8 and the Taiwan games his freshman year.