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Purdue vs. Tennessee Music City Bowl Staff Predictions

Can Purdue find a way to win?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (7-5) Says:

Look, even before the rash of departures hit Purdue I wasn’t psyched about this matchup. Tennessee has a QB in Hendon Hooker who completes a lot of passes and can also beat you with his legs. The one opportunity Purdue had on the defensive side of the ball was that Tennessee takes a lot of sacks. Now George Karlaftis won’t be playing (understandably so) and that loss will be felt by Purdue.

Add in the loss of David Bell for this game and you’re in trouble. Then when news comes out that Milton Wright and Dedrick Mackey won’t be playing for Purdue and I’m starting to feel very bad about this game. And last Greg Long might not be playing either. This is beginning to feel like Purdue will struggle. I’d love to be wrong (as I have been 5 times this year) but I just don’t see Purdue being able to keep up in this one.

Purdue 17

Tennessee 35

Juan (8-4) Says:

New email. Who dis?

Purdue 17

Tennessee 30

Travis (9-3) Says:

George Karlaftis out? David Bell out? Milton Wright Out? Dedrick Mackey out? Greg Long (maybe) out? Playing a bowl game against a middling SEC team down several starters in Nashville? Yikes. Did we really need a sequel to that movie from three years ago? This is more ill-conceived than Deuce Bigelow getting a sequel however many years ago. I went into this thinking we had a real shot. Even with Bell and big George out I thought we had a chance. I don’t care how well AOC has been playing. If his two best targets worth 2,000 yards are out it is going to be very hard to keep the offense rolling, especially when their heirs apparent in Mershawn Rice and Abdur-Rahmaan Yaseen are also out. Let’s hope for a miracle, but I see a long afternoon unless the defense surprises without big George.

Purdue 21

Tennessee 38

Jace (8-4) Says:

Unfortunately, Purdue is going to be without 5 starters and main pieces of their team as well. Add that to a game against an SEC opponent and the cursed grounds of Nissan Stadium… it’s a recipe for disaster for the Boilermakers. Aidan O’Connell is going to have to play a near perfect game if Purdue wants to win. The athletes of Tennessee are going to be a huge problem for Purdue as well, especially without their all around best player George Karlaftis and top cornerback Dedrick Mackey. Haven’t picked against them all year, but I just don’t see Purdue getting a win. Betting prediction: Tennessee covers -5.5 and the OVER 63.5 hits. You can place bets on the Boilermakers using DraftKings Sportsbook if you’re more confident than I am. Check out all lines here.

Purdue 28

Tennessee 35

Kyle (6-5) Says:

Without a lot of details. We lose this one. I thought we could overcome Bell and GK loss.

But add Milton Wright, Mackey and Greg Long to that list and we are in trouble.

Boilers 17

Vols 27

Casey (8-4) Says:

editor’s note: Casey is preparing for his Waffle House adventure which you can read about here. He sent only a score but I think that’s fine since he’s mentally preparing for the horrors he will face in just a few short hours.

Purdue 27

Tennessee 34

Holmes (9-3) Says:

I don’t feel good with 4 of our best players out against a team that is looking to prove they belong in the conversation with other SEC teams. Also, I cannot come up with a Marvel villain for them, there are literally no interesting villains related to Tennessee or volunteering. editor’s note: Disappointing that he had this theme all season and just couldn’t finish it.

Purdue 21

Tennessee 35