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Gene Keady AGAIN Named Finalist For Basketball Hall of Fame

Could this be the year Keady gets in?

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue
Still traveling to watch his beloved Boilers, even during a pandemic.
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On December 21st Gene Keady was again listed as a finalist for the next class of the Basketball Hall of Fame. After failing to make the cut last year Keady will get another shot at it. It’s insane to me that he isn’t already in and it seems like I’m not alone in that.

You might recognize that name as former Purdue Boilermaker great and NBA Champion Brian Cardinal. He would know a thing or two about the kind of man and basketball mind that Gene Keady is.

I’ve shared these stories before but I think it’s worth reiterating them for folks who may be new to the site. Two quick Gene Keady stories before moving on. First, when I was just a child my family would often spend time at Purdue for basketball or football games. On what must have been a football game day, I don’t remember the specifics, my family and I were walking between Ross-Ade Stadium and Mackey Arena when I saw Gene Keady walking by. Being the young precocious boy I was I yelled out “Hey Gene!” and gave him a big wave. He looked my direction, gave a gigantic smile, threw his arm up in a wave, and kept walking. It mortified my parents that I’d done it but it made my day. Second, once my wife and I moved out to Maryland we went to the occasional event with the alumni club of D.C. One such event was at the Mansion on O Street where Gene Keady was the guest speaker. He told great stories and then stayed for autographs and pictures. He was so kind and patient with everyone and was genuinely interested in who my wife and I were and what we did and what our majors were when we were at Purdue. They always say not to meet your heroes but Gene Keady is the exception to that rule. The man lived up to everything my young heart built him into.

For those wondering about the process I’ve done that work for you. Keady is already a finalist and so he now goes before the Honors Committee. Here’s what needs to happen for him to be enshrined in the HOF:


The purpose of the Honors Committee is to review carefully the selected Finalist’s basketball record before casting a vote in favor of or against Enshrining the Finalist in the BHOF. There are 24 voting members on each of the two Honors Committees (North American and Women’s). The Honors Committees consist of Hall of Famers, basketball executives and administrators, members of the media, and other experts in the game of basketball. A Finalist must garner a minimum of 18 votes from the respective Honors Committee to be Enshrined in the BHOF.

If the Honors Committee does not elect a Finalist for five consecutive years, the Finalist’s nomination will be suspended for five years.

Should Coach Keady be honored to go into the Hall of Fame I can’t imagine it happening to a nicer person. Good luck to Coach as he moves through this process.