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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Music City Bowl Pregame & Waffle House Update

Can Purdue hang with Tennessee?

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Mississippi State vs Louisville
Will Purdue be holding this trophy? Can Jeff Brohm replace Coach Satterfield here?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back from your holiday break, I hope you’re rested and ready to go back to work today. But, if you have young children and drove across the country I hope you’re ready to remain tired! Let’s go!

Today’s episode is Casey and I ruminating on the upcoming Music City Bowl against Tennessee, what frightens us about this Tennessee football team, and what is wrong with bowl season in college football.

In between we discuss the greatness of Horrible Bosses, Casey educates me on country music, and I we touch on the latest regarding the Waffle House Challenge. Let’s all hope that come this time next week Casey is still alive after ingesting a number of delicious waffles and getting out in time for the bowl game. Should Casey die from waffle intake I can always go forward with this podcast and just sub in Kyle or Drew or Travis. We’ll figure something out.

There’s one more podcast until the bowl game and that will include our official predictions. Make sure to rate, review, and subscribe! Tell your friends!