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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Butler Recap, Incarnate Word Preview

We find ourselves at the end of the Crossroads.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Casey and I are back in your ears as we prepare for the holidays. We discuss the game against Butler and if this truly was the “get right game” that Casey and I really wanted to help get this team back on track.

After discussing the Butler game we turn our focus, such as it is in this episode, toward Incarnate Word and how Purdue matches up against them. It’s also a fun note that Incarnate Word is coached by former Purdue Boilermaker Dr. Carson Cunningham. It will be fun to see him on the sidelines again albeit in a much different capacity.

Casey and I also take a detour to discuss the food in Lafayette since I’m currently in town for my family Christmas. I had Mad Mushroom cheesestix as a dinner last night and Casey continues to have no taste in food. It’s beginning to be a problem. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.