Concerned about Jaden driving into traffic in the lane

Okay I'm probably going to get a bunch of shit on this post but I just can't NOT say this. It's driving me crazy. I am very concerned about Jaden driving into the middle of the lane trying to make a spectacular play when he should just slow down a bit and distribute. He's the most athletic player in Purdue basketball history and he's going to be a first round draft choice but I would hate to think we'd lose a final four game because of poor decision making.

This was very concerning to me about CEd as well and I think that his decision making cost him an NBA career because he would take crazy shots that they just can't tolerate at that level.

For my money, Jaden is a much better player than CEd. He is turning into a really good shooter and his athletic ability is off the charts. The chink in his game is these uncontrolled drives where he turns the ball over. He's averaging 3.3 TO/40 minutes and that's probably not a terrible statistic. But, the his sometimes reckless play is concerning to me.

Another not so great stat is that Trevion is averaging 5.8 TO/40 minutes. That's a lot for a Center but he likes to bust a move and I love to watch him bust a move but I think he leaves too man points on the floor.

I'm not inferring that both of them are not great players, clearly they are. But, I would like to see both of them clean up the their games to get us our first Natty.

Waiting for the nukes....3....2....1

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