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Purdue Football: George Karlaftis and David Bell Opt Out of Music City Bowl

Expected, but poop.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / USA TODAY NETWORK

It was just a matter of time until this announcement, but, David Bell and George Karlaftis have both opted out of the Music City Bowl to begin preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft this Spring.

Bell, a 1st team All-American is projected to be a late 1st round pick to early 3rd round pick. Karlaftis, a 2nd team All-American is projected from the top 5 to early 2nd round.

Both will be outstanding representatives of Purdue Football in the NFL and have successful NFL careers.

Many will be upset at this decision, but, there is no upside for these two to play in the Music City Bowl, where they could risk a serious injury against Tennessee.

But, you cannot blame the duo for opting out, and if you are mad at two young men in their 20s looking out for the career where they will make millions, I have nothing for you, Boomer.

Additionally, Jack Plummer will also be out of Bowl Prep. Last week, it was reported that he was going to stay during bowl prep and decide his next location after the Music City Bowl.

Well, I think the plan behind the scenes the entire time was - if AOC goes pro, Plummer was coming back, if he stays, he was gone.

With the announcement this morning of AOC staying for his 6th year, Jack has decided to opt from practices to find his next home.

Best of luck to George, David and Jack! Boiler Up.