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Purdue vs. Michigan State - Staff Predictions

What does the crew think will happen?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (4-4) Says:

There appears to be a group of people on the internet who don’t think Michigan State is for real. That they’re a paper tiger and that it sets up nicely for Purdue to take down another to[ 5 team. I’m not sold on that idea. Maybe they are right because MSU has played a lot of close games, barely beating Indiana and needing overtime to beat Nebraska. However, MSU has one of the best running backs in the county and run defense is a current weakness of this Purdue team. Can the Purdue offense control the time of possession like they did last week and keep the MSU offense off the field? That’s Purdue’s best hope. I think this one will be close but ultimately Purdue just doesn’t have enough in the tank.

Purdue 28

MSU 31

Travis (6-2) Says:

We’re going to get run in this one. Purdue has been competitive in every game so far, but Michigan State does everything good Purdue is bad at. They look too much like Wisconsin, and I mean very good, win-the-West-at-10-2 Wisconsin, than I like. Purdue’s best shot is that O’Connell avoids picks and finishes drives, but the offense has three touchdowns total in the last three home games. Thank God for Northwestern and Indiana in a few weeks. Michigan State 31, Purdue 13

Kyle (4-4) Says:

I saw us give up a lot of rushing yards a couple of weeks ago to Wisconsin. MSU OL not as good, but a better running back.

Give me the Spartans.

Purdue 17

MSU 27

Juan (2-3) Says:

Purdue 28

MSU 31

Jace (5-3) Says:

This is a tough one. Michigan State is coming off their biggest win in recent memory and are currently No. 3 in the College Football Playoff rankings. Purdue isn’t going to have a better shot to spoil something like this. The effectiveness of Purdue’s run defense will be the key to this game, which is a tall task against Kenneth Walker III. Walker will get his yards, but I anticipate the Boilermakers to keep pace against Michigan State’s last place pass defense in the Big Ten this year. I was going to go with Sparty, but I think Purdue covers the +3 and the OVER 53 hits. You can also place bets on Saturday’s game here.

Purdue 31, Michigan State 28

Drew (3-4) Says:

Purdue was able to play it conservative on offense while Nebraska did Nebraska things and handed them the game on a silver platter. Michigan State won’t best themselves, if Purdue wants an upset, they’re going to have to take it from Sparty. At the end of the day, Michigan State’s run game is too much to overcome. Purdue hangs around, but does threaten.

Purdue 17

Michigan State 31

Casey(5-2) Says:

Theres a bad man coming to campus. I still don’t trust Brohms offense to keep up with him and we’ve seen this defense wear down against the one really good run game they’ve faced

Michigan St. 28

Purdue 13