Notre Dame needs to hire a football coach

Kinda amazing that even Notre Dame (or Oklahoma) are no longer destination school. But now that Kelly is going to LSU, it means Notre Dame will be looking for a new coach. I never take any Brohm's rumor seriously, because I always believe that he will stay at Purdue, unless it is Louisville or Notre Dame calling. So the questions are:

  1. Where is Brohm in Notre Dame's wish list?
  2. Will he say yes to Notre Dame if they call? (He did say no to Louisville)
In any case, I think Bobo will have to extend Brohm and give him a raise. While I think he deserves it, but I've been saying it is plain idiocy to extend a coach whenever he has a good season, thereby locking him at an inflated rate that you don't get to take back if he has a bad season. Well, technically you might get back a tiny fraction, like $200k from Tom Allen, but that's nothing compared to the big raise that he already pocketed and locked in.

So now Notre Dame and Oklahoma both need to hire a new coach, and guys like Franklin, Tucker, and Fleck already signed an extension with their school. In the B1G, I don't believe Ryan Day, Jim Harbaugh, Paul Chryst, or Kirk Ferentz will be leaving. So who will be frontrunners to fill those two coveted spots? (Some suggest Cincy's Luke Fickell, or our former coordinator Marcus Freeman as frontrunners)

Also, if I can wave a magic wand and fix college football, I'd:

  1. Make coaching contract more like the NBA. You don't get to speak to another team when you are still under contract.
  2. You make millions already. Schools shouldn't need to buy you out when you stink.
  3. Coach hiring can't start until after the season officially ends.
  4. Require a 1-year garden leave. That is, you can't take a new job for a year after you leave your old one. The school has invested so much in you that's only fair. After all, players used to have to sit out a year too when they transfer. It's time for coaches to taste the same medicine.
  5. Part of the salary is not vested for a few years. If you are later found to have NCAA violations and your wins vacated, the school can claw back some of those money.

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