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Purdue Football: Season Grades

The Boilermakers definitely outperformed expectations.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Passing Offense: A

AOC made a jump this season. I will be the first to admit it, I was wrong. Plummer had a solid start to the season, but coach wanted to make a change to stretch the field more, I, for one, was not totally on board, especially after a couple of so-so games.

But, I will be the first to admit that I was happily wrong. AOC in his last 5 games has put up Heisman type of numbers. If he returns and returns to this same type of play, he may get some hype next year.

Future NFL WRS, David Bell and Milton Wright had great years, as did Jackson Anthrop out of the slot and backfield.

The Tight Ends were weapons, Payne Durham started hot and battled injuries the rest of the year, Garrett Miller did a great job, as did former quarterback Paul Piferi, who successfully caught more passes this season than I ever expected.

Rushing Offense: D

I am aware we don’t willingly try and run the ball, but being dead last in the B1G still should be saved for teams like IU. Horvath battled an early season injury, King had his moments, but man, do we need a spark here at times.

Maybe Sampson James gives us that next season?

Overall: B

There were games where we only scored 13 points and that just can’t happen. Down the stretch though, Purdue improved and made some great adjustments with AOC and this offense caught on fire.

Passing Defense: A

The pass defense ended in the top half in the B1G, even with being 9th in the league in sacks, which is impressive. Cam Allen, Marvin Grant, Jamari Brown and Dedrick Mackey lead the way after Cory Trice was injured, twice.

Rushing Defense: C

Really, it was not great, it rated in the bottom half of the B1G. Teams like Minnesota, Ohio State and Wisconsin ran all over us, add Notre Dame to that list as well. But, overall, it was a huge improvement from whatever Diaco did in 2020.

Overall Defense: B+

What an improvement from the last two seasons. Having 17 co-coordinators worked out well this season. I would not be surprised if any of those three get some sniffs for HC jobs.