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Purdue 44 - IU 7 - In Tweets!

With the bossman sidelined for the day I’m stepping up to show you our favorite tweets.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

While the weather was a bit worse than we expected at yesterday’s edition of the Old Oaken Bucket game it’s always a beautiful day when you can vanquish your rival and hand them their 10th loss of the season. So, rather than #9windiana it turned into #10lossindiana. What a shame.

From a Purdue perspective I think this season culminated in a record that most could not have reasonably seen coming. Sure, you’ve got your bright eyed optimists like Travis who really believed that this was possible (as evidenced by the Waffle House bet with Casey) but I think if you gave Travis truth serum I’m not sure he would’ve predicted an 8 win season. Or at least he wouldn’t feel confident about it.

Despite giving up a touchdown on IU’s first drive the game was never truly in doubt. IU was just so bad this season. Their offense was bad. Their defense was bad. Their coaching was bad. I mean they already got rid of their OC and their head coach took a $200,000 pay cut. That’s not exactly screaming a program that has it all figured out. Purdue though did look like a team that knew who they were and knew how to execute. 44 points against your rival when they can only muster 7? That makes for a fun day on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite tweets.