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Purdue 44 - IU 7 - It’s Our Bucket Again

Purdue takes the Old Oaken Bucket back by force.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

This game was never in doubt. The anemic IU offense could manage only 7 points in what was hyped as the best season they would ever have. IU was ranked in the pre-season for the first time since man discovered fire, but enough about IU because this game wasn’t about them. This game was about Purdue and the growth and perseverance this team has shown over this long 12 game season.

After two disappointing seasons there were numerous questions about Jeff Brohm and this team. It turns out that all Purdue needed was a competent defensive coaching staff and an answer to the annual QB question to settle into a rhythm. Purdue seems to have found itself this season. Jeff Brohm re-discovered the magic that made Purdue fans fall in love with him during his first season. Tonight, Purdue won their 8th game to finish 8-4 which is the first time they’ve won 8 regular season games since the 2006 season. I was in college then. I’m now 35 years old, married, have a child, and a law degree. It’s been that long. I finished a bachelor’s, a master’s, took a long break from school, and then went to law school since Purdue has won this many games. It was a beautiful entertaining season. Maddening at times? Sure. Do we have regrets? Of course. But you can’t take away the victories over Iowa, Michigan State, and now IU.

Purdue won this game like they’ve won all the other games this season, by throwing the ball. A lot. AOC was 26-31 for 278 yards and 4 TD and yet again 0 interceptions. His improvement from the beginning of the season to now speaks to not only his effort and work ethic but also the ability of the coaching staff to coach him up. The great receiving corps of Purdue showed up and showed out. David Bell finished with 6 receptions for 79 yards and a TD. Not the 100+ yards we hoped for but he had one of the best seasons a wide receiver has ever had at Purdue. Milton Wright, Jackson Anthrop, TJ Sheffeld, and every tight end on the roster made big plays. Purdue also finished with over 100 rushing yards.

On the defensive side of the ball after looking shaky on their first drive and putting up little resistance to IU the defense locked in and didn’t allow a single point the rest of the way. For an IU defense that could only muster just over 10 ppg in conference play Purdue held them below their season average. It was a thing of beauty.

Anytime you can beat down your rival and give them their 10th loss it makes for a great night. Purdue won their 8th game and put themselves in a position to make a fairly nice bowl game. With Big George and David Bell going through Senior Day ceremonies today you have to assume that they are gone but their legacies were cemented tonight as they helped Purdue to this turnaround season. Much more to come tonight.