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Purdue vs. IU - Bucket Game - Staff Predictions

Can Purdue save the beleaguered Bucket?

Syndication: Journal-Courier
No dugouts this week.
Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jumbo Heroes (6-5) Says:

I think Jeff Brohm and this Purdue team are angry. They are angry that the Bucket has been stuck in Bloomington for far too long. They are going to want to send a message. As I mentioned on the podcast, I’m reminded of Joe Tiller’s last game against IU when he defeater the Hoosiers by a score of 62-10. That’s the sort of vibe I’m getting heading into this one.

I’m looking for Purdue to score early and often against an IU defense that has provided far more questions than answers. With a terrible redzone defense I hope Purdue can punch it in every time they get down there. The IU offense has been anemic in Big Ten play averaging less than 11 points per game so I think scoring 10 will just be par for the course for them. Purdue rolls.

Purdue 55

IU 10

Jace (7-4) Says:

It’s time for another Tiller-esque route of Indiana this year for Purdue. I think anywhere the game goes Purdue is going to dominate. Indiana is averaging 8 points per game over their last four and have been beaten down in each contests. Boilermakers win in a laugher. Purdue also covers with ease and the over 50.5 hits! You can place your bets on the game using DraftKings Sportsbook!

Purdue 42

Indiana 10

Juan (4-4) Says:

I will submit a Purdue (31) prediction once IU (14) wins a bowl game. And I get paid.

Travis (8-3) Says:

Indiana’s offense is very bad. If Stevie Scott doesn’t play, it is going to be worse. If Purdue gives up more than 14 points it should be embarrassed. The Hoosiers struggle to move the ball, give up a lot of turnovers, and the defense will wear down. Purdue gets up early in this one and never lets them even think of an upset.

Purdue 45

Indiana 13

Drew (4-5) Says:

The Boilermakers have revenge on their mind, and they will exact that revenge on the shambling corpse of the Hoosier football team. Indiana, buried by unfulfilled expectations and ravaged by injury are looking for a place to lay down and die. This looked like an interesting game at the start of the season, but now it’s a walkover.

Purdue 31

Indiana 7

Holmes (8-3) Says:

A Hoosier is just an Indiana resident. In the Marvel Universe there are just a few notable Hoosiers, including Pete Petruski. Originally called Paste Pot Pete, the Trapster is one of the least effective villains in Marvel history. He’s fought most of the notable names and lost badly to nearly all of them, much like IU football. After all, IU is the least effective Power 5 football program of all-time.

After their best season in over 50 years, IU has been an absolute mess this year. Injuries and bad playcalling have doomed what was supposed to be a dream season. It almost makes you feel bad for IU fans...almost.

Purdue 35

IU 14

Casey (7-4) Says:

I’m giving the IU offense a lot of credit but they will treat this like their Super Bowl. I’m looking for maybe a first possession score and a trick play touchdown but they will sputter out at the end.

Purdue 44

IU 17

And let’s not forget the reason for the’s 1:12 PM on Friday, November 26th...