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Friday Drankin’: Quaff On Brewing

You’d drink too if you kept losing to Purdue.

Alcohol products including beer and wines are sold for the... Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It is the final regular season edition of Friday Drankin’, and since we are in the middle of a holiday weekend it is important to hydrate. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Next year I may have to go with a winery because there are some good one around Bloomington if you’re classy. We’re Boilermakers though. We want beer.

Quaff On Brewing

116 N. Grant Street

Bloomington, IN 47408

Bloomington might be the home to IU. but its restaurant and bar scene blows West Lafayette out of the water. When it’s been more than 2,100 days since your last basketball victory in this rivalry I can understand. I would want to drink a lot too. Quaff On is located with Big Woods Restaurant mere blocks west of campus and is near quite a few other small breweries like Switchyard (featured in 2018) and Function (featured in 2019). Quaff On is more of a general Southern Indiana brewery with several locations around the state, including one in West Lafayette.

They do have good beer, and they are even affiliated with Big Woods Restaurants and Hard Truth Distillery. I am a fan of Hard truth as well. The have an excellent cinnamon vodka that goes very well with hot cider. Their beer can be found all over Indiana, as well.

Six Foot Blonde – 4.5% ABV, 13 IBU - Six Foot Blonde’s light, golden malts and hint of hops come together for a crisp, refreshing beer. This handcrafted American blonde ale is highly quaffable and a treat fit for any occasion.

Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle – 7.2% ABV, 27 IBU - Peanut Butter flavored Busted Knuckle puts a twist on their award-winning porter. Crafted with dark malts, this medium-bodied brew boasts a balanced, roasty flavor enhanced by the addition of peanut butter flavor.

Hoosier Red – 5.5% ABV, 15 IBU - Hoosier Red is a well-balanced, everyday red ale. Great with a meal or on it’s own, this brew is a tasty companion for any occasion.

Jave the Red – 5.5% ABV, 15 IBU - Java the Red is a classic red ale infused with German chocolate coffee, making it a delightful companion for your winter adventures. I love this one!