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Happy Thanksgiving from the Hammer and Rails Podcast

Casey and I discuss the upcoming Bucket game and our favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving sides.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Northwestern Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What holiday would be complete without your newest tradition of gathering around your smart speaker and listening to the Hammer and Rails podcast?

Today Casey and I tackle our favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving sides and let me tell you Casey has some Grade A bad takes on this one.

Following that we have the briefest of discussions about the upcoming game against Omaha that will take place on BTN+. Remember to get those subscriptions cancellations in after the game!

Finally, we discuss the Old Oaken Bucket game. This will be the season finale for both teams. It’s amazing to see the change from last season in the outlook for these two programs. From #9windiana (didn’t happen) to #9lossdiana (hopefully 10) and Indinia. What a difference a year makes. We also take a look at the overall rank of IU in comparison to all of college football. Spoiler alert, they aren’t very good.

Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.