Go Figure (after 5 games)

Happy Thanksgiving!! I just thought I'll put together some interesting numbers I'm seeing, so I'll call it "Go Figure".

  1. What it jumps to me is we have 2 players in the KPOY ranking: Edey (6) and Tre (10). We are not the only school though, as (you guess it), Zaga has 2 as well: Timme (2) and Holmgren (5). B1G is well-represented, with Liddell (1), Murray (3), Johnny Davis (7), and Dickinson (8) making Top 10 too. TJD was lurking but now off Top 10.
  2. To show how special it is to be in KPOY Top 10, we didn't have one until Biggie (who was #4 in his sophomore year). Then Carsen (#9 sophomore, #3 junior), and finally Tre (#10 junior). When you have one in the Top 10, it means your team is riding a very efficient player, which likely means a good season.
  3. Also, among the Top 10, Painter offered 5 of them (6 if you include TJD). Other than Tre and Edey, we also offered Timme, #4 Castleton (now at Florida but played 2 years at Michigan under Beilein) and Dickinson too. We were one of Castleton's finalist, but Manny committed first and took the scholarship.
  4. Everyone wowing about Ivey's passing. He was fantastic at Connecticut, having a 13:2 AST/TO ratio. At West Lafayette though, he was only 10:10. One thing to note is that he is grabbing 8 drpg over there in CT, allowing him to push the ball in transition, where he's at his best (he's only 5.7 drpg in the first 3 games).
  5. Purdue 4 has players shooting > 40% from 3s (I am NOT including Tre's 1-of-2 b/c it isn't realistic), led by IT's 55% (11-of-20). Sasha (48.6%, 18-of-37) and Newman (44%, 11-of-25) are the predictable suspect, but Furst surprised with 44% (4-of-9). FWIW, Ivey's 32% (7-of-18), but that includes a few half time or shot clock buzzer beaters. I don't expect him to get to 40%, but I hope he can beat 36.7% (which is equivalent to shooting 55% in 2s).
  6. Edey is not the guy with the highest 2P% despite shooting 73.3%. That honor goes to Furst, 77.8%. Tre is shooting 67.6%, which is far above his 53.5% career average from 2s. Last season, after 6 games, Tre was shooting only 48.6% from 2s. All those guys, plus Ivey at 55.6%, are the ones shooting > 50% from 2s.
  7. When it comes to not committing turnover, everyone's first thought is IT, who didn't have a single TO in 4 games, and for the season, just 2 TOs in 102 minutes. But Newman actually committed just 1 TO in 80 mins. Last year, Newman committed 44 TOs in 662 mins, or about 1 TO every 15 mins. That's a huge improvement.
  8. FT-shooting. What really stands out is that our supposedly closers, Hunter (5-of-8, 62.5%) and IT (1-of-3, 33.3%) are not shooting any better than Tre (15-of-24, 62.5%). But we have other weapons: Sasha (92.3%, 12-of-13), Newman (87.5%, 7-of-8) are the usual suspects, Ivey (17-of-22, 77.3%) is good too, but it's our starting frontcourt shooting 80% (Edey 20-of-25, Furst 8-of-10) that's really exciting. They will be fouled A LOT.
  9. ORB%. Tre is #2 in the nation, and Edey #4. Interesting to see Okoro at #5. He was a former Top 50 player. We (and Illinois) were one of his finalists, but he chose Oregon instead despite claiming that he wanted to study engineering or computer technology or something like that. That said, as a big, and considering how many ORBs he has grabbed, he is shooting only 30% (7-of-23) from 2s.
  10. We feed our bigs. In terms of possession used, Tre (36%, #7) and Edey (34.5%, #18) are both in the Top 20.
  11. In terms of ORtg (basically how efficient a player is), IT is #13 in the nation at 151.4, and Sasha #22 at 147.7. Historically, Eifert was #1 at 144.7 (numbers tend to go down as season progresses, as teams playing tougher competition), and Ryne Smith was #3 at 133.6 as a junior. It favors those who don't turn the ball over, and who scores a lot of points in very few shots.
  12. We have #2 efficient offense and #36 defense. Defense is down from #18 in the preseason while offense stays. To be a real contender, we really need to shore up our defense.
  13. If we play IU now, then the team with #3 offensive eFG% will be playing against the #1 defensive eFG%. IU has been stifling opponents into shooting into low percentage, although TBF, they haven't played any P5 teams other than SJU, and St. John's is more known for their pressure defense than offense. IU's opponents collective offensive rating is rated #338 (ours #61), so take the #1 with a grain of salt. That said, they are at least better than Iowa, who also hasn't played anyone, and whose opponents' offensive rating is an even worse #356, and yet they are only #147 in defensive eFG%.
  14. Our opening night opponent, Bellarmine, just finished playing #1 Zaga, #2 UCLA, and #3 Purdue (AP ranking this week). They will be catching a break as 4 of their next 6 opponents are D2 schools. They will also play Jack Owens' Miami (OH), who is having a 5-0 season thus far (two D2 wins, but they also beat GaTech on the road).
  15. And Big 10 is no longer the toughest conference (per Kenpom), as only Purdue, IU, Iowa and Minny (!) remain undefeated. We ceded the honor to Big 12. But are you aware that B12 actually has only 10 members, so they are really B10? And remember before Rutgers and Maryland joined, we actually had 12 members, so we should have taken the B12 moniker? Also, Atlantic 10 is actually A14. Pac 12 is the only conference who gets it right with 12 members.

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