Boilermakers keep in 100, Anything less than a FF for this team is an underachievement

Yes I know, it’s only November and there’s tons of basketball left to play. I’m fully aware of the Purdue NCAA injury history. Miss me with all the reasons to be patient and see what happens. The 2021-22 Purdue team is good enough to make the Final Four and even win the whole thing. As a sports fan I’m objective and give teams their props (except Duke EVER).

Purdue will win the B1G by two games. The conference this year is not as strong as some of the rankings suggest. Conference tournaments have always been tricky to me. If you have your NCAA seed locked do you rest some of your guys or do you try and catch fire heading into the tournament.

Boilermaker fans get over your fears because this is a Final Four team. No Painter will not mess this one up, and the only players that you cannot loose to injury are Ivey and Trevion. A bold prediction, Caleb Furst will leave for the draft at the latest next year. If he continues to make jump shots and rebound he could be one and done. M

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