ESPN rates Aidan #3 QB in the nation

He is also now at #36 since records began in 2004

ESPN's QBR, Total Quarterback Rating, is a proprietary statistic created by ESPN to measure the performance of quarterbacks in American football. It incorporates all of a quarterback's contributions to winning, including how he impacts the game on passes, rushes, turnovers, and penalties as well as the strength of Defenses faced.

Northwestern bought into the talk that he only throws screen passes and was burned. Here are some other Season stats:

- 2,900 yards

- 8.0 Per Attempt (11.0 per completion)

- 72.7% Completion% (BTW, that's #20 all-time & Bama's Mac Jones is #1 with 77.4%)

- 2:1 TD/INT ratio (18:9 - 0 INTs since Wisconsin)

- 152.8 Passer Rating

- 15 sacks (73rd out of 128)

All it takes is one incredible game, and IU might just gift us the #1 overall position to end the regular season. AOC takes more hits and has less time than average, but performs well above average. Impressive!

If there was ever a player to be thankful for, it's Aidan!

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