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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Wrigley Winners & Tournament Champions

Let’s talk a great weekend in Purdue sports

NCAA Basketball: Purdue vs Villanova Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports


What a great weekend in Purdue sports. Purdue football goes into a (terrible) Wrigley Field and comes out with their 7th regular season win for the first time since 2007 and Purdue basketball wins not just one game against a ranked opponent but two!

First Casey starts out with a question that I think needs answered. If you’ve got a time machine and can bring one Purdue player (no Glenn Robinson, that’s cheating) to any Purdue team who do you bring and what team do you take them to? Casey and I debate.

Following this we discuss the Purdue football victory and we eat some crow about some things we were wrong about as we discussed our pre-season expectations.

Finally, we take a look at both the win over North Carolina as well as the come from behind victory over Villanova. What a weekend it was. Relive it with us here.