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Purdue Football: Grades from Wrigley

A great weekend to be a Boiler!

Syndication: Journal-Courier Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

What a weekend for Boiler Sports.

Being at Wrigley, with a dominant Purdue crowd, is something to remember. Even with the playing surface being junk.

It was an interesting venue, but, non the less, the Boilers come out with a victory in the friendly confines.

But, how did they grade out?

Passing Offense - A+ - This is a scheduled grade at this point. AOC ripped apart the Wildcat defense for 423 and 3 touchdowns. Milton Wright had a career day with 8 catches for 213 and 3 touchdowns, as the Wildcats bracketed Bell with a Corner, Safety and even an OLB on some occasions.

Rushing Offense - C+ - Horvath did get 40 yards on 10 carries, but, let’s be honest. At this point, we mostly run the ball through the air on short passes. It was a bit disappointing against the worst run defense in the B1G to not break 100 yards.

Overall Offense - A- - It was a good day at Wrigley for the Boilermaker offense. The OL did a nice job, the offensive weapons showed up and showed out.

Passing Defense - B+ - NW did not willingly pass the ball, but they did complete over 70% of their passes on check downs, mostly. They had a couple of deep passes they completed ovr Jamari Brown.

Rushing Defense - B+ - Evan Mull did a nice job against us this weekend, though it did take over 20 carries to get into the 90 yards. Purdue loaded the box to force them to pass, they still primarily ran the ball.

Overall Defense - B+

Coaching - A