College Coaching Carousel

Most of you who frequent this site are well aware that this CFB has brought one of the largest list of high-profile coaching vacancies. LSU, USC, Washington, TCU, Virginia Tech, and now Florida have already canned their HC. While not all these programs are Playoff contenders, each of these programs listed should have the expecation of competing for a championship within their respective conferences every season. Beyond this list of mostly blue-bloods, there are rumors that Manny Diaz at Miami will not be retained.

There's a lot of theories on which program will sign who, but the most frequent names mentioned for these vacancies are Luke Fickell, Mel Tucker, James Franklin, Dave Arranda, Lane Kiffin (Miami), and Lincoln Riley (LSU). It will be interesting to see who fills the vacancies of the programs mentoined above, but what can be just as interesting is the chain reaction caused by coaches getting pulled by other programs.

As Purdue fans, I think we can breath easy for the time being. Jeff hasn't been mentioned too much, yet, but what has me nervous are programs that may give Jeff a call if they lose their current HC to a top program. For example, if Lincoln Riley leaves for LSU, Oklahoma's first call will be Josh Heupel at Tennesee. If Tennessee loses Heupel and is forced to open up their own coaching search, I wouldn't be shocked if they made another run at Brohm or at least considered him. Another one that makes me nervous is Florida. Given that they fired Mullen just today and are starting the coaching search later than several other programs, they will have fewer options. I don't think that Brohm would be Scott Stricklin's (Florida AD) first choice, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the short list. Brohm now has a really solid defensive staff that makes him more attractive if someone can get him and his staff as a package deal.

As I've said in previous posts, the only move I see fo"up" that I see for Brohm in college football is the SEC or a perennial blue blood in another P5 conference. If Purdue survives this offseason carousel, I think the dust will largely settle among hgih-profile Power 5 programs for at least the next couple years, meaning that Brohm may get comfortable at Purdue at least through 2024. This is why we're paying Brohm what we are. Even with a contract buyout that is tapering off, to get him, you have to offer Top 10 coaching money. Only a P5 school that isn't firing their current coach can really afford to pay that kind of money if they're able to compel Brohm to leave Purdue.

What are your thoughts?

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