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Friday Drankin’: Greenstar Brewing

Located just steps from Wrigley’s front door.

MLB: JUL 03 Marlins at Cubs Photo by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since this game is at Wrigley Field I was going to choose Old Style as a joke, but the truth is that Old Style is a terrible beer that was last brewed fresh during the 1908 World Series. It can only be safely consumed when you’re already drunk on good beer. There will be no Chicago handshakes consumed this weekend. I am a Harry Caray acolyte. It is Budweiser for me at Wrigley (or Oberon, in the summer).

Chicago does have good beer though. Goose Island and 5 Rabbits are the go-to big micros in the city. Greenstar here is my new target, however, as it is just a few blocks away from the Friendly Confines.

Greenstar Brewing

3800 N. Clark Street

Chicago, IL 60613

Officially, Greenstar is the first certified organic brewery in the state of Illinois. I am usually not all hippie-dippy like that, but organic does taste a lot better than most stuff. They have a pair of locations in the city, with their Lakeview location a mere 1,700 feet away from the Wrigley Field marquee. It sounds like they have some good options, too.

Organic Greenstar Beermosa – 6% ABV – This is a mix of a Belgian and a wheat, so it sounds like a really good version of Blue Moon. The lemon citrus is a very nice kicker at the end. If I go tomorrow, this might be my leadoff, especially if they have the basketball game on TV in the background.

Rogers Edge Harvest – 5% ABV – It is late fall, so why not have a good harvest ale? It has ops grown on a rooftop farm in the Edgewater neighborhood and a caramel background. I think I am all in on this one.

Mutti’s Kolsch – 5.2% ABV – This one sounds delicious. Kolsch’s are a good style, but one with honey and vanilla and notes of bread crust? Absolutely.

Russ Loves Helles – 5% ABV – You had me at honey and graham cracker aroma. This is named after one of the long time servers for the company, so we owe it to him to try this (while leaving aa good tip).