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Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #30: More Wrigley Football

We’re playing football at Wrigley, so that is definitely weird.

Baltimore Colts v Chicago Bears Photo by Diamond Images/Getty Images

Who wants another podcast? It’s been a very long time since Paul Banks and I have done a Let’s Get Weird sports podcast, but with this weekend’s game between Purdue and Northwestern at Wrigley Field it is definitely weird enough to talk about on our revived Let’s Get Weird Sports podcast. For now we have a new home on the Behind the Rails feed, but we’re hoping to move it to its own feed (finally) in the next few weeks.

There are a lot of new ground rules for this one:

This is definitely a unique environment. The east end zone is close enough to the outfield wall that David Bell could catch a fade, run through the open gate, and go get a beer across the street at the Lakeview Baseball Club.

That might more Greg Long’s thing, to be honest.

Let’s hope everyone stays safe in a stadium that is going to be tight.