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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Purdue Basketball 3-0 & Northwestern Predictions

Casey and I discuss Purdue basketball’s hot start and look ahead to Northwestern.

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The Hammer and Rails podcast is back in your ears today to look at the hot start for Purdue basketball, the upcoming tournament where Purdue will face two ranked teams, and take a look at the Northwestern squad that Purdue will go up against on Saturday.

We start off today’s episode with a question about movie trailers. Just a little appetizer to get into the show. A palette cleanser so to speak before we get into sports for 40+ minutes. Casey and I are huge movie trailer fans so this was a fun little diversion.

  • Given that Jaden Ivey has had two sub-par games and Purdue sits at 3-0 and has scored 90 points or more in each game how good can this Purdue offense be?
  • If you took the Purdue starting 5 versus the hockey line change next 5 (including Mason Gillis) who wins?
  • This weekend Purdue will face North Carolina and either Villanova/Tennessee depending on outcomes. What will this first test really tell us? How good or bad is North Carolina?
  • Finally, after the break we shift into a discussion of Purdue football and their game against Northwestern.
  • Why play a football game at a baseball stadium?
  • Isn’t Wrigley just a dump?
  • Remember that weird one endzone game at Wrigley?

So there ya have it. Another episode in the books. Hard to believe we’ve done this an offseason and almost an entire football season now. We’ve tried to be consistent for you and give you something that’s enjoyable and informative and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions on how we can improve don’t be shy, let us know.