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Purdue Football: Running Back Depth Takes Another Hit

Can it get any thinner?

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Running Back Depth Chart has taken another hit.

True Freshman, Ja’Quez Cross has entered the transfer portal, he has been away from the team for multiple weeks, I believe since the Illinois game.

Cross came in as an athlete, as he played both offense and defense at his small high school in 2020. But, he did get a few carries at Purdue, though ineffective, like much of our run game.

Maybe he is wanting to be with a team that is more run heavy, or something closer to home - who knows.

There will be more than a handful of kids that enter the transfer portal every year now, with kids being deemed eligible right away in most cases.

While our depth takes a hit with losing cross, we do have some nice backs on roster for 2022.

Zander Horvath is a senior this year, but will have an option to come back for a 6th year due to covid rules and protocols.

King Doerue will be a senior.

Sampson James, the IU transfer, will presumably have two year left, even though he was ruled ineligible this year with transfer, a rare case, mostly due to the fact that he started camp at IU before leaving for Purdue.

Bruiser Dylan Downing will be back as a sophomore.

Highly touted PWO, who had other D1 offers, Devin Mockobee could be a change of pace back.

Lastly, incoming frosh, Kentrell Marks has a high upside.

This season, we will survive with Horvath, Doerue, Downing and Jackson Anthrop to finish at running back.