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New Purdue NIL Merchandise Available from Breaking T

Get yourself a David Bell shirt.

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NCAA Football: Michigan State at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re in new territory when it comes to naming, image, and likeness rights for college athletes. They are allowed to get themselves a little scratch now on advertisements and apparel, so several are taking advantage of it. Our friends at Breaking T, who were kind enough to make the Ohio State upset three years ago that allowed us to donate more than $1200 to the Purdue Cancer Research Center, now have their own line of Purdue NIL merchandise:

David Bell, Aidan O’Connell, and Dedrick Mackey have all agreed to deals for these. I am also a very big fan of the middle “How ‘bout them Boilers, Baby” shirt. That seems to be the new catch phrase, as Jeff Brohm, Dave Shondell, and soccer coach Drew Roff have used after recent big wins.

I have also been told that basketball stuff is forthcoming through the same link, so keep your eyes peeled.