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Behind the Rails Episode 20: Ohio State Recap

There wasn’t a lot to talk about as Purdue lost big in Columbus

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

This was a tough show to do, as there was not a lot you could say about Saturday’s game in Columbus. Purdue flat out got its ass kicked. Sure, the offense did some good things, but the defense was routinely torched and two fumbles early in the game spelled doom as they gave the Buckeyes 14 easy points when hey didn’t need any help scoring. There are still some good highlights in this episode, including:

  • Kory’s thoughts on playing in baseball stadiums from his days in Miami and Oakland, which both played in the last two football/baseball double stadiums.
  • What we saw that was good on Saturday.
  • Why Kory switched from #40 to #24 during his career.
  • How things can quickly go against you when on the road.
  • Some very early Northwestern thoughts.

We will be back later in the week to talk about the Northwestern game, but enjoy this one for now.