Purdue Basketball - This team just hits different

Disclaimer - I don't know why I felt the need to post this. I just feel good about the team and wanted to share it. The comparisons to the Purdue teams' of Christmas Past aren't meant to be negative, just an easy comparison about why this team seems different. Anyway, just feeling positive and wanted to share. Have a great day :-)

I watched the North Carolina vs. Brown game @ NC - NC won in a close one, but I am being 100% serious when I say my biggest takeaway was that Purdue can eat this team's lunch and still ask for seconds. Admittedly, I have not watched any other NC games, and anyone can have an off night... but even when they were running clean sets & hitting their stuff, I just couldn't help but think that they are not at our level this year.

Yeah, NC has some great shooters, and yeah, they can get up and down the court with great speed... but in no way did it look like they would overmatch us. Hell, even watching the UCLA/Nova game, my thought was: Man, these are some good teams, but we can compete with these guys. We can be better than either of these teams... we might BE better than either of these teams right now!

Maybe this post will age like milk, and I'll eat my well-deserved crow with a side of humble pie when/if it happens (cheers for mixing metaphors, by the way)... but this team just feels different. This team has the potential to be special. In the past, when we had a great team, it seemed to be all about scheming to get what we wanted & hoping we didnt run into a team that did X thing so much better than us...hoping that Carsen doesn't have an off night... hoping the AJ that actually seems to give a damn is the one that shows up that night.... hoping that Haarms/Haas/Tre/etc. doesn't get into foul trouble... hoping our offense doesn't disappear for 20 minutes at a time.... hoping our defense will be enough to compensate against a really athletic team...

But this team? This team hits different man. They are deep. Athletic. Talented. Balanced. Unselfish. They have height. There aren't any personality issues (that we know about obivously). They don't rely on any one star - obviously Ivey/Tre/Edey are probably the key pieces, but if one or even two of them have a bad night? There are multiple other guys that can step up. And not in a Chris Kramer/Lew Jack/Eastern "once-a-season" kind of game, but on any given night.

I do have a lingering concerns about our defense... but I think Painter will get our guys squared away. Plus, our quickness in jumping the lane/getting steals & long arms and elite height to block/disrupt shots (and not just at the center position!) can help mitigate a somewhat lackluster defesne.

We're just a well-rounded team. Its crazy. This must be what it feels like to be a Duke or North Carolina or Gonzaga fan.... In no way does it mean we go to the Final Four. It doesn't mean we win it all. There is no destiny. A million and one things can happen between now and then... but this is the first Purdue team I have seen in my lifetime that feels like the complete package.

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