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Ohio State 59, Purdue 31: Moving On

Ohio State is good at football.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the Big Ten to start pulling its weight, because we can’t beat Ohio State all the time. Also, the same is true for Cincinnati. We already knocked Michigan State out of your way and we’re serving as a good win for your best win. We can only do so much to help everyone else by ourselves.

Ohio State has not lost a game to a Big Ten team in more than three years. The way they played today, that streak is probably going to reach four years. They certainly did not need any help by Purdue putting the ball on the turf twice in the first half, but that made matters far worse. Even without the fumbles, they probably score from any drive as long as they got a stop or two otherwise. If Purdue doesn’t fumble it might lose like 52-38 today. OSU was that good. When their offense gets rolling like it did tonight, few teams in America can stop them.

That’s really all you can say here. The Buckeyes were better. Purdue’s offense got over 450 yards and Aidan O’Connell had no turnovers with four touchdowns. David Bell was over 100 yards receiving and Milton Wright was nearly over 100 yards. It still didn’t matter. The defense was unable to get stops, and without that, Purdue wasn’t going to score 60 to beat them. After we fell behind 28-7 we should have just started going for onside kicks after every score.

There is good news in this. The next two games will be against significantly worse offenses. This is the only time Purdue has given up over 30 points this year, so I still have confidence in them. Next you get Northwestern, who is 1-6 in league play and hasn’t scored more than 21 points in all seven of those games. In three of those games they have scored only seven points. It is a great chance for the defense to bounce back, as the Wildcats are averaging a league worst 17.1 points per game overall, and in conference games they are under 12 points per game.

Then in the finale you get an even worse offense. Indiana managed a paltry three points today in a 38-3 loss to Rutgers. They have been held to 7 points or less in five of seven conference games and in three they didn’t even get a touchdown. They are showing all the signs of a team that has quit on its season. they have scored 73 points total in seven Big Ten games, and 35 were in a 38-35 loss to Maryland. That’s barely over 6 points per game in the other six games.

All we can do is move on, and an 8-4 season is very much within reach. That would be a tremendous step forward. Every single Purdue fan I know would have absolutely taken an 8-4 record at the beginning of the season. If the defense can reset itself it is entirely possible it won’t give up 59 points total in the next two games. In fact, it might not even give up half that.

The offense is fine too. It is getting the job done and it is not like Northwestern and Indiana have been brick walls. Both are giving up more than 32 points per game in conference play.

There is no question today sucked, but it was more of a measure of Ohio State being that good than Purdue being bad. Get the next two. Get to 8-4. Get in the top 25 at the end of the season at 8-4. All of that is achievable. This loss doesn’t concern me. Lose to Northwestern next week and I am concerned.