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Purdue at Ohio State - Staff Predictions

Can Purdue pull off yet another upset?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch BARBARA J. PERENIC / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jumbo Heroes (4-5) Says:

Look, things haven’t gone great for me as a predictor this season but honestly, this has been an unpredictable season. Who would’ve thought we could beat both Iowa and Michigan State when they were ranked in the top 5 and Purdue was unranked? I say that knowing full well that some members of this very stuff picked Purdue to win those games, but let me just say this, those people are homers. They didn’t truly think that was going to be the outcome. Instead, they were hoping that would be the outcome. I hope that Purdue wins every game.

I’d love nothing more than for Purdue to win this game and for me and the nice guy across the road from me who has an Ohio State flag to have a nice chat come Sunday. I just don’t know if Purdue can keep up with an incredibly talented Ohio State offense. The Ohio State pass defense is 11th in the conference but as Casey mentioned on the most recent podcast those numbers could be deceiving because they are so often multiple scores ahead of people meaning offenses are forced to throw against them. Should Purdue find a way to win it’s going to be on the arm of another incredible performance from AOC.

Purdue 21

Ohio State 35

Juan (2-4) Says:

If I keep predicting Purdue to lose, will I be taken off the email chain?

Purdue 14

Ohio State 30

Travis (6-3) Says:

Purdue is playing its best football in many years. They have had Ohio State’s number this century. I don’t think any of that will matter. This one is in Columbus, not their personal hell of West Lafayette. Purdue has won in Madison, State College, and Ann Arbor much more recently than Columbus. The Buckeyes have a ridiculously talented offense that was held in check by Nebraska, but keeping them down two games in a row is nearly impossible. Purdue will move the ball, but they can score in so many ways.

Purdue 31

Ohio State 45

Kyle (4-5) Says:

I just don’t see it this time around without getting into it too deep. WE COVER!

Purdue 21

Ohio State 38

Jace (6-3) Says:

Originally I had Purdue running out of magic against Ohio State, then I went and looked at the Big Ten teams to beat the Buckeyes in recent memory. Now I’m back on the Boilers! It will be a close game regardless, but the key for Purdue is getting after CJ Stroud and holding up just enough in coverage against the best receiver group in the country. Jeff Brohm is going to pull some tricks out of the hat again to get the offense going. Purdue wins in a high scoring affair.

Prediction: Purdue covers +21 and the OVER 63 hits. You can place bets on Draft Kings Sportsbook!

Drew (3-5) Says:

I’ve predicted a Purdue loss the last 2 weeks, and have been rewarded with a win. This would be the first true “upset” (read my new article for an explanation) for Purdue this year. I hate Ohio State, but they’re on a different level. That doesnt mean Purdue can’t win, but it means that Purdue is going to need Ohio State’s help. I think Purdue has enough of their attention that they don’t provide enough help.

Purdue 21

(An) Ohio State 31

Holmes (6-3) Says:

(editors’s note: Holmes got his prediction in last week but way past the deadline and as I was in a hotel room preparing for a marathon I did not post it. He chose Purdue to defeat Michigan State and since I received it before the game he does get full credit.)

Juggernaut is a big unstoppable red guy, you should know about him already. He hangs out with Black Tom Cassidy in the Marvel universe’s greatest bromance. If you remember, Notre Dame was my choice for Black Tom earlier this year. It makes sense as both hate Michigan and weirdly have a history of surprising losses to us.

Ohio State is the best team in the Big Ten, I won’t hear any arguments. I’ve picked Purdue in every game this year, but I just don’t think the magic is going to line up this weekend (also I can’t justify picking us in every game and I am definitely picking us against NU and IU)

Purdue 20

Ohio State 31

Casey (6-3) Says:

Let’s go! Let’s go! Look, I have piled crap on Brohm all season. 32-29 on the road, Buckeyes fall. Milton Wright gets 3 touchdowns. I get the appeal of being a homer now, usually I make fun of people being homers but it’s way too fun to go on other people’s programs and say we gonna smash!

Purdue 32

Ohio State 29