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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Victory in Lincoln

Purdue walked away with a win, also BASKETBALL

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska
Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

With Purdue football now sitting at 5-3 on the season they sit just one game away from bowl eligibility and Casey, my esteemed co-host, sits one Purdue win away from having to sit at a Waffle House for 24 hours. Let’s hope both happen next week against Michigan State.

In this edition of the Hammer and Rails podcast we discuss two big things. First, for about the first 12 minutes of the podcast we discuss the “secret” scrimmage that Purdue basketball competed in against Providence. While we couldn’t watch the game, shhh it’s a secret, they did release a box score and we talk about what we could learn by taking a look at this. What did we like and what did we not like. Is it better that Purdue lost?

Then, from the 12 minute mark onward we discuss the victory over Nebraska and the remaining schedule for Purdue. It doesn’t get easy anytime soon as the next two weeks might be the toughest games of the year. Michigan State comes to West Lafayette next week and, assuming my flight isn’t cancelled or some other emergency befalls me, I will be in attendance for the first time since that fateful Minnesota game in 2019 when Rondale Moore was injured. So if David Bell gets injured I will never attend another game in person.

The big question coming out of this podcast is should the Purdue team become bowl eligible when should Casey go to Waffle House for 24 hours? Does he need to do it immediately after the team becomes bowl eligible, does he need to wait until the end of the season, does he need to do it the day of the bowl game? Let us know what you think. Like, rate, and review us on your podcast app of choice.