How will Coach Matt Painter manage minutes?

Back in May, there was a post regarding Homework for Matt Painter. Many responses were about how difficult it will be for CMP to manage minutes. Some thought Coach will focus on playing 7-8 vs. 10 possibly getting at least 10 minutes. So here's your chance to project what might happen. At the end of the year, the winner will be the one projecting who has the correct sequence from most minutes to least minutes. But feel free to project minutes per game for each player.

ESPN is the source of min/game in the example below. Keep in mind, it never adds up to 200 minutes, due to overtime, suspension, and illness/injuries. It is really a calculation of minutes per game played. So here is how it played out last year:

Hunter 30.6
Sasha 29.4
Tre 25.1
Ivey 24.2
Newman 23.6
Gillis 22.2
Wheeler 18.3
IT 17.8
Edey 14.7
Morton 8.7
Others 7.5
Total 222.1

9 guys averaged a minimum of 14.7 mpg (Edey was the lowest). Wheeler is gone, and is it possible for Morton, Furst & Kaufman to get over 10 minutes per game? It sounds like Edey has improved significantly, but how can you take minutes away from Tre. Will it be twin towers vs. zone or any other time? What's your call?

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