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Purdue Football: Marcellus Moore Enters and Withdraws from the Transfer Portal and Then Enters Again

You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about, you do the transfer portal and...

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What the hell.

Make a decision.

Last night, Track Star, Marcellus Moore, who also plays football and is on a football scholarship, entered the transfer portal.

2 Hours later he withdrew his name.

Now, 30 minutes ago, he entered the portal again.

So what gives?

Well, he has yet to really see the field. On special teams or at wide receiver or running back. I figured he would see as a return man, so maybe he is just not a good football player?

Entering the portal with very little playing experience is BOLD. Not many will take a flier on him. I had this conspiracy last night on why he withdrew.


Maybe he showed up for meetings and Coach Brohm said “Leave”.

The transfer portal seems to have gotten a bit out of hand now. After last off-season there was nearly 2,000 kids still left in the portal with no home.

I also really don’t like when players transfer mid season. Things can change, maybe he could be developed by the end of the season and carve out a role?

We will never know.

He is back in the portal, at least for now.