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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Minnesota Recap

Kyle joins this week to discuss the Minnesota loss.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest these game recaps are a lot more fun when Purdue walks out with a victory. When Purdue loses it just becomes a situation where we have to relive the frustration all over again. Wait, I’m supposed to be making you want to listen to this aren’t I? Crap. How do I delete the previous sentences? Oh well, I’ll just go on and hope people don’t notice.

On today’s episode Kyle joins us to discuss what went wrong with the game plan against Minnesota and what we thought about the game in general. Is going to AOC the right decision? Does Jeff Brohm treat AOC and Plummer differently? Is it time for Jeff Brohm to give up play calling duties? How much would that free him up to focus on the rest of the game and would that really matter?

We also discuss that Minnesota touchdown and ask if it was really a touchdown. Why do things like this always seem to happen with Purdue and Minnesota?

Take a listen and let us know what you think.