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Purdue 28, Nebraska 23: In Tweets

A road win in Lincoln is cause for celebration.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Happy Scott Frost Day, everyone! It is a joy to be the cause of another team’s anguish. Nebraska fans had cooled on Scott Frost long before today, but it seems like Purdue’s victory today was the ultimate turning point. If you go over to their various sites there ate garments being rended and teeth being gnashed because he had the audacity to lose to Purdue. A common refrain is that they “had a week off to prepare for a not good Purdue team”.

Well, if Purdue is 5-3 and not good, what does that make 3-6 Nebraska?

It has been a roller coaster season. Jeff Brohm has been all over the map and the past week, because he did not do something no Purdue coach has done in 18 years, he was getting dragged all week. Well, we have good Jeff Brohm back, and for the next six days we get to enjoy it until he doesn’t beat a top 5 Michigan State team.

Here is In Tweets.