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Purdue 28 - Nebraska 23 - Recovery

It wasn’t as close as the scoreboard said.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I was wrong. Again. I didn’t think the Purdue offense had enough in the tank to take down a Nebraska team that had lost a lot of close games this year against very good teams. What I didn’t count on was the Purdue defense scoring another touchdown and grabbing 4 interceptions. What a second half by this defense.

After struggling to contain the Nebraska running game in the first half Purdue found it’s groove in the second and looked like a much better team.

For the offense, the return of Zander Horvath resulted in Purdue actually having a running game. And that just made the Purdue passing game more effective.

Purdue couldn’t manage to get a first down on their final drive to salt the game away entirely. This allowed Nebraska to march down the field for a TD. Thanks to a great play by Big George the two point conversion failed.

Nebraska’s last hope was an onside kick and they very nearly recovered. Payne Durham found a way to grab the ball that Nebraska simply couldn’t hold onto. And just like that Purdue sits at 5-3 on the season and one game away from bowl eligibility.