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Purdue vs. Nebraska - Staff Predictions

Is this truly a winnable game?

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Will this Purdue game be more like Iowa or more like Wisconsin? What does the staff think this week?

Jumbo Heroes (4-3) Says:

Nebraska hasn’t really beaten anyone good yet this year. They even lost to Illinois, but they’ve also not been blown out by anyone. They’ve played teams like Michigan, Michigan State, and Oklahoma very tough and very close. I’m not sure if the Purdue offense can score enough to keep up with a Nebraska offense that has scored 23, 29, and 56 in their three most recent games. Purdue is going to have some trouble containing Adrian Martinez. I’d love to be wrong here but the sting from that Wisconsin game is sitting heavy on my mind.

Purdue 13

Nebraska 28

Juan (2-2) Says:

Do I need to remind you again that I charge by the word? I will send you the invoice via electronic mail, I accept Visa, Amex, and MasterCard. (PS I was the only one (Juan) to pick Wisconsin last week, so I’ll throw in that prediction for free)

Purdue 17

Nebraska 21

Travis (6-1) Says:

I was confident last week. I am not confident this week. The more I see Nebraska the more I wonder if our offense can keep up with them. That side of the ball is just not doing its job right now, and it is going to need to score in the 30s to get there. This is a Nebraska team with its season teetering on the brink. They are dangerous. Unless Adrian Martinez has to leave early the Cornhuskers win.

Purdue 17

Nebraska 34

Kyle (4-3) Says:

Nebraska, surprisingly is 12th in the nation in total offense. Purdue is 13th in total defense.

The problem?

We punt the ball too much, in the end I think we gibe Nebraska too many possessions with the offense continue to struggle.

We are currently 129th of 130 D1 teams in rushing. The only team we are ahead of is Mike Leach’s Mississippi State Bulldogs.

If we can rush for close to 100, we have a chance. If not, I’m not too confident.

I think we take another tumble.

Purdue 17

Nebraska 24

Jace (4-3) Says:

Purdue had a giant letdown last week against Wisconsin in probably their worst performance of the season on both sides of the ball. This is a critical game for the season, Jeff Brohm staying off the hotseat and in the Big Ten West race. I think Purdue comes out firing on all cylinders and does some 2017 level Brohm trick plays to get the offense moving. Martinez could give us some trouble on the ground, but the Boilers win. Purdue also covers AND the over hits! Place your bets on Draft Kings (editor’s note: Please bet responsibly and do so only if you are of age and it’s legal in your state. H&R is not responsible for any bets placed.) and thank me later!

Purdue 30

Nebraska 27

Casey (5-2) Says:

I hate that this is where we always are. But Nebraska doesn’t deserve nice things, their fans are the most obnoxious, and they deserve to taste the last Boiler win of the season.

Purdue 38

Nebraska 27

Holmes (4-3) Says:

Scarecrow is a lesser-known Marvel villain and is not the exact same as the Batman villain, I swear. He is a former contortionist and acrobat, he also can control birds, and like his DC-counterpart can induce fear in others, but not via a chemical he created. He’s the closest thing to a cornhusker I could come up with.

Nebraska isn’t very good, but we aren’t either. Idk, I hope we win cause I love watching Scott Frost fail.

Purdue 27

Nebraska 26

Drew (3-3) Says:

At this point in their career, Brohm and Frost are basically the same coach. Frost came in with higher expectations, Brohm has the bigger pay check. Neither have met expectations. I have no idea how this one is going to play out. Nebraska has enough of a run game to bother Purdue’s defense. Purdue might have enough of a passing game to bother Nebraska’s defense if they can keep the quarterback upright. I don’t think Nebraska is good, but I think they’re better than Purdue at home. If Purdue turns the ball over, this thing might get ugly.

Nebraska 27

Purdue 17