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The Hammer and Rails Podcast - Nebraska Predictions

We also take a detour about sports memorabilia.

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back with some hot off the presses predictions and information for you about the upcoming game against Nebraska! Casey and I take a look at both sides of the ball for Nebraska and discuss what Purdue can do to win this game. There’s some dissension in the ranks this week as Casey and I pick different outcomes in this game.

Before we get too deep into the Purdue game though we talk about my favorite sports story of the week regarding the Tampa Bay Bucs fan who simply handed over the Tom Brady 600th TD pass ball without receiving anything in return (at the time). What would each of us have done if that were us and what would we have asked for in return?

Also, we discuss our own sports memorabilia and our own experience with sporting events and foul balls. It should be noted here that Casey mentions Joe Tiller living in Montana and I failed to correct him when everyone knows that Joe Tiller lived in Wyoming. We regret the error. Casey has been sacked.

So that’s it folks, give it a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Hammer that subscribe button and tell your friends. With basketball season right around the corner this podcast is gonna heat up fast. Make sure you’re on the train now!