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Nebraska, By the Numbers

Lets take a peak statistically at the Cornhuskers

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Minnesota Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

The Cornhuskers are tough to figure out.

They have some solid offensive numbers, in total offense they are 12th in the nation. But in Points Per Game, they are 50th in the nation.

Their defense, well, they give up plenty of yards but only allow 19 Points Per Game, good for 25th in the nation.

So, they are hard to figure out.

Scott Frost walks a line of trying to be power run out of spread, but his quarterback is his leading rusher.

Martinez has been better this year, the senior quarterback has 2,000 yards passing on 65% completion and 10 touchdowns to only 3 picks. Add the 420 yards rushing and he is one of the more total dual threat quarterbacks in the nation.

Their 2nd leading rusher, Rahmir Johnson, who has 380 yards and is averaging 4.6 YPC is a 3rd year freshman. He has been at Nebraska and has had plenty of time to develop. He is a quick back, at 5-10, 185 pounds, he looks to get to the perimeter.

The leading receiver?

A true freshman with great ball skills. He is averaging 20 yards per catch. He has 26 catches for 519 yards and has 3 touchdowns. At 6-3, 195 pounds, his build and ability remind me a lot of Milton Wright.

On defenses, I think their best position group is linebacker. Luke Reimer leads the way, as a junior, he is leading the team in tackles with 67. Nick Henrich, a 2nd year Linebacker is right behind him at 65. Both are big, at 6-3, 240 Pounds, they are thumpers, so they could be suspect in the pass game.

Overall they only allow 209 yards per game, good for 41st in the nation. With Rush defense, they allow 140 yards per game, 51st in the nation, they are very much a middle of the pack defense when referring to yards allowed.

Maybe, just maybe, we could get the run game going? Not likely with Horvath still out.

Overall, Nebraksa looks better on paper than their record indicates. At 3-5, they are fighting for a bowl game. They started the season where they looked just awful, then got better and now have lost a few games in B1G play.

I think this ends up being a 1 score game either way.