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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Wisconsin Postmortem

What exactly happened here?

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s never fun to rehash these games when Purdue loses and loses in a fashion that shows just how much of a gap there is between the two teams. Despite beating the #2 team in the nation, and finding ourselves in the rankings for the first time in years, Purdue wasn’t able to put two solid games together.

Casey and I do whatever we can to not get into the football game right away. First we discuss the recent run of bad matches for Purdue volleyball and then the recent run of Purdue Soccer which saw them finish up the regular season by defeating IU for the Golden Boot.

After the break we get into the specifics of the game including:

  • What is going on with the QB position?
  • What did Plummer do to Jeff Brohm to find himself sidelined despite taking better care of the ball? In a game in which turnovers were a huge problem why not go to the QB who is safer wit the ball?
  • Is this the Jeff Brohm the best this program can do right now?
  • Does Brohm deserve patience or is it time to pull the cord?

The segment on Brohm goes on for quite awhile and gets a little heated. Casey and I find ourselves on opposite sides of this issue. Where do you stand on Brohm now after the high of the Iowa game and the low of the Wisconsin game?